Evansville, Indiana

The Willard Library was not believed to be haunted until 1936, when a maintenance worker quit his job, claiming that he had continuously encountered a spectral lady in gray in the building’s basement. Since then, many of the staff members and visitors to the library have encountered the unknown. Most of the reports are of actual sightings of the elusive “lady”, while others report cold spots and the phantom smell of perfume. The Lady has been seen near the restrooms, near the elevator and in the Children’s Room in the basement.The library opened in 1885 and apparently the ghost, whoever she is, dates from that time period because her clothing matches costume of that era. Despite visits from psychics and ghost researchers, no one has been able to learn the identity of the spirit who haunts the building.

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The Willard Library, circa 1915
(illustration courtesy of Mark Marimen)

Most interesting in the case is the fact that the Lady was once captured by a security camera that was set up near the restrooms. There is no doubt that she still lingers in the library.

The Willard Library is located in Evansville, Indiana, in the southwest comer of the state. The library is located at 21 First Avenue in Evansville.


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Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills History

In Louisville, Kentucky, there is a place that is very famous for being haunted. The location is frequented by many visitors who tour the area to see if the stories they have heard are true. There are sponsored tours and ghost hunting activities that people can join. A number of TV shows that feature paranormal and mystical topics have also gone to the area in order to investigate or experience the ghosts and other unexplained phenomena that happen there. The place is called The Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Others simply refer to it as Waverly Hills. It was a hospital in the past that treated patients who had tuberculosis.

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