The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery In Indiana Is Truly Creepy

There are a ton of truly creepy places to explore in Indiana, from haunted tunnels to ghost-filled libraries. While it would be nearly impossible to pin down which spooky state story is the creepiest, there is a haunted cemetery in Indiana that warrants some attention. This haunted cemetery has a strange and frightening tale, and a challenge, if any Hoosiers are brave enough to attempt it.


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7 More Haunted Places In Indiana That Will Give You Goosebumps

Did you survive investigating the Five Haunting Ghost Legends In Indiana? Congratulations! We were sure we would have lost a few people during their investigations! We’ve done some digging and learned there are even MORE haunted and ghostly places in Indiana worth checking out (or maybe worth staying far away from…) Anyway, enjoy and remember to bring a camera!

1.) Anderson – Cry Baby Bridge

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8 Spooky Small Towns In Indiana That Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Creepy and haunting, eerie and unnerving. Some small towns have beauty and charm, while others can send chills right up your spine. Indiana has its fair share of spooky small towns and these eight towns (mostly ghost towns) will make you feel like you’ve just stepped onto the set of a horror movie.

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