EVP Audio

What does EVP stand for?

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena



Waverly Hills 5th Floor

We were saying we were packing our stuff up and leave and we got a “No”


Waverly Hills Operating Room

This EVP is our Holy Grail to date. We were in the operating room on the 4th floor and the whole time we were in there there was someone whispering in the background. This is the only thing we could make out. Here is what we think it says, “I need you, a double drip, there’s still a lot of blood on my hands….I gotta smoke”


Perryville Battlefield

Here is an EVP that Scott caught when we were investigating Perryville Battlefield this summer.


Private Residence

Here’s an EVP we caught in the basement of a private residence we were asked to hunt. It was caught in the room where the old coal chute used to be. Sounds like someone is still whistling while they work.


Masonic Lodge

In this EVP, Scott is in the Blue Room and he gets a name to come through a couple times. Can you tell what it says?


Suicide House

Bert was upstairs alone when someone or something came up the steps to see who was in their space.

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