Team Members


We have a dedicated team of investigators ready to try and help you understand those unexplained things going on around you.

100_4040Melvin Y.


Mel brings over a decade of experience in paranormal investigation. He has spent several long nights in a number of locations with unusual events reported including the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium.







Tony G.


Tony is an accomplished investigator with a number of missions under his belt. He too has been deeply involved over the years with working to go over as many of the Waverly Hills mysteries as possible.








Scott F.


Scott is also an accomplished investigator with dozens of missions out in the field. He has been involved in hunting Waverly Hills and The Masonic Lodge in Etown, just to name a few. He goes on family vacations and takes his equipment with him just to find the spookiest spots in town.








Bert B.


Bert is the newest addition to our little family. He has just been bitten by the ghost hunter bug and we are very excited to see what evidence he can unfold. We look forward to having him on our team!








Bryan B.


Bryan Bush was born in 1966 in Louisville, Kentucky and has been a native of that city ever since.  He graduated with honors from Murray State University with a degree in History and Psychology, and received his Master’s Degree from the University of Louisville in 2005.  Bryan has always had a passion for history, especially the Civil War.  He has been a member of many different Civil War historical preservation societies, and round tables. He has consulted for movie companies and other authors, coordinated with other museums on displays of various museum articles and artifacts, has written for magazines, such as Kentucky Civil War Magazine, North/South Trader, The Kentucky Civil War Bugle and Back Home in Kentucky and worked for many different historical sites, and has always fought hard to maintain and preserve Civil War history in the Western Theater.  In 1999, Bryan published his first work: The Civil War Battles of the Western Theater.”  Since then, Mr. Bush has had published over thirteen books on the Civil War including Lloyd Tilghman: Confederate General in the Western Theater, Louisville During the Civil War: A History and Guide, Lincoln and the Speeds: An Enduring and Devoted Friendship, Butcher Burbridge: Union General Stephen Gano Burbridge and his Reign of Terror over Kentucky, Louisville’s Southern Exposition: The City of Progess, and Haunted Battlefields of the South, Resting in Peace: Civil War Leaders In Cave Hill Cemetery and his latest publication Colonel Andrew Cowan: Union Soldier, Louisville Citizen, Peacemaker.  Bryan Bush has been a Civil War re-enactor for fifteen years, portraying an artillerist.  For five years Bryan was on the Board of Directors and curator for the Old Bardstown Civil War Museum and Village: The Battles of the Western Theater Museum in Bardstown, Kentucky and is currently a board member for the Louisville Historical League and is the official Civil War tour guide for Cave Hill Cemetery.  

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